Saturday, April 9, 2011


During the week, I took my usual route to work during the days.  But one of these days was different than the rest.  One morning the coaster (minibus) was full by the time I got on (it doesn't stop more people from getting in).  That in itself isn't so different because my morning coasters are usually full to the point where it's like a game of twister trying to find a nice place to stand and something to hold onto.  This time, it was crowded enough that I stayed on the step of the bus.  Usually the conductor or 'ducta will say step up, telling you to get off the step and actually into the bus.  I figure it could be because he thinks either that it's more comfortable inside the bus and he would rather I be comfortable or that it's not as dangerous inside the bus and he would rather I be safe.  Since coming to Jamaica and seeing the coasters, I always wanted to stay on the step and hang outside the door.  That seemed to be the cool thing to do on coasters.  So on that very morning, I did what I always wanted to do and I graduated from being just a normal coaster rider.

It was in fact more comfortable since there's usually only two people on the step, and I'd say was safer too as there's something to hold onto without playing the game of twister.  Therefore, I conclude the step is exclusive.  And now, my Jamaican experience is complete.  Time to chill on the beach!

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