Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back in a flash

Well, this was a quickie.  In a flash, before I knew it, I'm booking it back to Toronto.  See everyone soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lack of updates

Sorry folks.  Work has kept us fairly busy and haven't been able to sit down and write all that much.  Most days we're just back at the hotel to sleep.  At least this way, there'll be plenty of stories for when I'm back.

The hotel life.  It's hit and miss.  The hotel in Backnang was in the middle of the town, but still there was nothing to do.  The hotel in Stuttgart is in the middle of the city, but they don't do laundry or dry cleaning.  Had I'd known this predicament, I would have brought more laundry.  Anyone want to ship some clothes over??

The language.  We are learning one phrase each day, which all the other coworkers get a kick out of.  My knowledge of Deutsche and all other European languages in fact is seriously lacking.  I feel it's a very different language to pronounce from what I am used to.  

Wirtschaftspr├╝fer just doesn't roll off my tongue like Auditor does.